22 April 2009

Speaking about MS

This Saturday is the MS Walk in Roseville/Rocklin, CA - and I have been asked to speak to the group of walkers & volunteers that day. I'm at a complete loss. I have only been diagnosed about 4 years - I haven't raised an exorbantant amount of money for research - I just continue to live my life...

I only have to speak for a few minutes - but really I'm just not sure what direction to go with that.

We're all gathering together with a common purpose - to raise awareness of and funds for research - in the hopes of finding better treatments - and a cure for this crazy disease that has touched all of us. While the disease touches each of us in a different way - it has brought us all together - in a new kind of family. A family of support - encouragement - and most important of all - hope. Hope that this stupid disease will soon be something only read about in some obscure medical history journal. I'm supposed to be there to encourage these people in some way - but ultimately - I believe that I just may be the one most encouraged by the many people coming together to stand up against Multiple Sclerosis.

Any suggestions/guidance would be so very much appreciated.