07 September 2011

I'm what one would call moderately active on Facebook. I belong to a number of different groups - some are patient groups for specific drug therapies, and others are general non-profit / MS related groups.  Today - as I was checking in with the groups I belong to - I got fed up - and posted a somewhat negative comment just a few seconds before I clicked on that lovely 'leave group' button ... here's what I said:

I don't generally post negative comments - however - I strongly feel the need to add a comment on this page as to 'why' I am 'leaving' this group. My understanding is that this page should be used to discuss the ***(removed)*** - and NOT to be used for others to attempt to draw profit for their own causes/products, etc. Unfortunately, that appears to be happening here & it drowns out the actual message of the ***(removed)***. Each individual posting their wares may have the best of intentions - but I find it highly unethical to use this board for trying to solicit business to your site/product. Very disappointing. I only wish this page were better moderated - as I truly believe the ***(removed)*** could help many people and facebook would be a great way to reach out. I truly hope that those that can actually use ***(removed)*** information are able to wade through a lot of the superfluous stuff on this page and can actually find what they are looking for - without being waylaid by the various advertisements others post here for their own profit.

I guess I don't understand some people and the way they think.  To me - what these people are doing is just flat out wrong! In my opinion, this would be just like having Nordstroms advertising INSIDE a Macy's store or circular... I don't understand why people think this is okay.

I was expecting (and still am braced for) a full backlash from those that disagree with me on this particular site - however, with the few messages and supporting comments placed on to the post I left on my way out - I know that others were just as exhausted with that junk as I was... A few people actually took time to write me a note of thanks for pointing out their frustrations publically. 

*sigh*  It's so frustrating that when there is something honest - and good - that others feel the need to jump on board and hijack the discussions and try to make a personal profit from it.

What do you think?