11 January 2012


It's been quite some time since I actually took time to sit down and click out a message to be posted on this site.  I have to say that I don't seem to be very good with staying on top of things so much anymore.

Let's see - a quick recap since October?  Okay - here goes.  November was pretty full. My husband had a surgery a week or two before Thanksgiving.  In the midst of his drug-infused recovery - he decided that we should go ahead & move into a larger place - so our girls wouldn't have to share a bedroom any longer.  Best of intentions, right? So - we spoke with the landlord & they were only going to be able to hold the unit for a few weeks... this meant that we were moving the week after Thanksgiving! With my husband still in recovery - he wasn't able to do much - so the lions share fell to me... and thankfully my father was able to come down from Portland to help. Can't tell you how helpful that was! (THANKS DAD!!!) So - that meant that between November 30th & December 3rd, we moved. (We're still putting away the last of the things & going through the last of the boxes!)

As soon as the move was done - and I mean two days later - on December 5th, I had to leave for a work trip. We had a sales meeting that I helped coordinate. So the 5th through the 8th I was out of town. Up late each night & Up early each morning. Quite exhausting - but the meeting went off without a hitch & only two 'problem children' out of a group of almost 200 - so that's pretty good statistics! I got home late on the 8th & hit the hay shortly after walking through the door.

December 9th had me back at the office - placing the finishing pre-planning touches on the company holiday dinner that I had planned for December 10th. A great dinner - in a great location - with great raffle prizes. My girlfriend Erin really helped out a LOT for that event. I literally couldn't have done it without her.  (THANKS ERIN!!!)

Once that event was over - it was getting year end stuff finalized at work - trying to get Christmas shopping completed - the holiday dinner(s) planned & worked out. Christmas came and went & well - I survived! We all survived!

Here it is the 11th of January. I'm still exhausted - I think that the last two months of go-go-go are really beginning to rip me a new one... so I'm trying to learn how to slow down. Making my daily task lists and trying to get at least one thing checked off each day.

Hmm... did anyone make a new year's resolution?  Mine is trying to eat dinner at home more often... so far (again - we're talking only 11 days) we seem to be doing pretty darn good.  We broke down one night last week & I picked up burgers on the way home - but so far, we're doing pretty well.  Maybe I'll try to post something quick - short - each day about what we did for dinner... that will keep me honest at least!

I sincerely hope that everyone had a super fantastic holiday - that you've recovered well from the holiday treat withdrawls - and that 2012 is a year full of health and happiness!