04 May 2011


The Walk MS Events are over!

My family spent the day with me last Saturday at the Folsom Walk MS Event - and then again on Sunday at the Sacramento Walk MS Events. 

Both were huge successes.

The Friday before the Walks, I decided it was time to buy a new pair of tennis shoes. It took trying on nearly 20 different pairs at multiple stores before I found the pair that fit comfortably with very little adjustment... ended up with a pair of Nike Air - that are grey and almost a fluorescent orange.
Not planned - but worked out great with the black & orange colors all around for the NMSS! My admission - I have *never* spent this much on one pair of shoes... I just gritted my teeth & looked away from the machine when it asked me to verify the amount. (They were $70.) But - these shoes kept me on my feet all day both days. :)

Well - looks like my MS Fundraising this year brought in nearly $3,000! YEAH! :) Every bit helps - so THANK YOU to everyone.

Well - family duties call - so I'm off & running (in my Nike's)!