26 April 2011

Alternative MS Treatments: NUCCA & CCSVI

After reading numerous posts all over the web regarding NUCCA & CCSVI - I started to do a bit of research & learned that many NUCCA chiropractors are comparing the NUCCA treatment to a 'non-surgical version of CCSVI' - so I thought - what the heck... I'll check this out.

I'm thinking I should have done a bit more research on the actual NUCCA process & treatment. I understood that it only focuses on the axis - to take pressure off the veins & allow proper blood flow. What I didn't look into is the actual process of the NUCCA adjustment.

Here's my experience -

I found a practicing NUCCA chiropractor & went in for an initial consultation. He did lots of tests - measuring my leg lengths, checked the temperature differences on either side of my neck, took measurements of hip alignment, and about 4 x-rays of my head/neck. Then he had me come back the next day to go over the xrays & for an initial adjustment. The adjustment was where I felt things go a bit 'off'. As he had me lay on the adjustment table (which was only about 4 inches off the floor) & he proceeded to 'adjust' my neck by placing his forearm at the base of my skull & I began to feel his ENTIRE body shake with what felt like tremors/seizure. My eyes flew open & I tried to see what he was doing. What I saw was his other arm making odd pulling motions - like he was somehow mentally 'willing' my neck to realign & visualizing pulling things back into place. I don't know about you - but I found this to be quite kooky.

Here's my thoughts -

Will I go back? Not likely. I felt absolutely nothing. I understand the thought process & idea behind the process - but feel I need to do a bit more research on the actual NUCCA process first to find out if I just happened upon a quack of a doc - or if this is actually the real thing. (On a side note - I have gone to traditional chiropractors since I was very young. I totally believe in the body's natural ability to heal oneself & that the bodys alignment is critical to this process. In addition to MS, I also have multiple scoliosis with more than 4 separate curvatures in my spine & no natural curvature in my neck. There are portions of my back - mainly the bra line area - that I have zero sensation in. So maybe this NUCCA process isn't going to be what I need or what I'm looking for.

Hmm... leaves a lot to be thought about.