01 April 2011

Gilenya, Saving, Meal Planning, and Cactus Chili... :)

Day two & three on Gilenya have been uneventful. :) That's a good thing!

I'm back at work - getting things done & planning away.

My husband is on a new kick - save, Save, SAVE... That's a good thing too! :) One way we're doing that is meal planning at home... trying new recipe ideas - so we aren't tempted (as much) to go out to eat. The other day, he made a Cactus Chili... different - but good! :) I know it is abnormal for me to share recipes here - but just this once, I figure it is okay...

Cactus Chili

• 2 – 5 lbs of pork butt or shoulder roast (this can vary - depending on how 'meaty' you want it. We used about 3 lbs.)

• 1 large can of green enchilada sauce

• 1 can of refried beans – (for thicker chili – you can use a larger can.)

• 1 jar of Nopales - Drained. (in Mexican food section of grocery store)

• 1 large sliced onion

• Salt & Pepper & Garlic to taste.

• Cumin – about 2 tsp.

Cut pork into bite size pieces & brown with salt & pepper. (Do not cook through… just brown lightly). Add pork, drippings, & all ingredients together in crockpot. Cook on low for several hours (we threw it together first thing in the morning & let it cook on low all day while we were at work.)

Serve over rice & with tortillas. Top with sour cream & chopped green onions… (If you like heat – you can also top with diced jalapenos.)

I will admit - I was extremely skeptical about this one... but it was wonderful & many in my office have enjoyed it as well. :) I hope you take a leap & try it out... you may find something new to add to your dinner menus at home too. :)