29 March 2011

Successful day one on Gilenya.

Okay... Spent the mandatory six hours at the doctors office today. Boy, that was brutal! Six long hours of near silence in a room with a long table and no windows. Internet access was sketchy. No music. Dim lights. Ugh... Reminded me of a few dreaded Saturday school sessions I had to do when I was a freshman in high school... Only the Saturday school sessions were more fun.
Took the pill about 830 and had my pulse and blood pressure taken every hour. No issues for now.

Realized how much I love my husband as he endured the long boring day with me - only taking a break from the dungeon to find me something good to eat for lunch. One other woman started Gilenya today too. Her sister came with her and complained about being bored most of the time. I considered myself lucky. I know my husband was bored too, but he never complained about it.

As I struggle with this touch screen keypad, I am sitting at my daughter karate dojo. Life has resumed its crazy schedule and tomorrow will be just like any other day...

Celebrating a successful day one on this new needle-free multiple sclerosis treatment. :)