10 March 2011

The saying has always been “when it rains – it pours!” Dear Lord – I’m praying for a freakin’ drought right about now!

Last week I had had enough – and called my neuro to request a one-day kick dose of solumedrol – thinking that might help ‘tide me over’ until I start on the new meds. Well – she called me in a 3 day stint – which looking back now was a good idea.

Hmm… where should I begin – maybe at the beginning I guess.

Friday afternoon I had dose 1 of solumedrol. Nurse was unable to get the vein & poked around for a while... this left a very unwelcome & painful bruise all over my forearm. Went home – crashed into bed – and was up at 1am with the delightful ‘can’t sleeps’ of steroid treatment.

Next day (Saturday) – dose was scheduled for 730am – so back to the hospital super early for dose 2. This time they use the veins on the top of my hand... ouch - but she is successful on the first jab. Now – Saturdays around our house are crazy – and this one was just like any other: taking the car into the shop, running errands, playing with the kids, and getting ready for a dinner party with friends that afternoon/evening. Shortly after dinner though – we end up in ‘crisis mode’ when we have that dreaded head bug scare. *sigh*. We abruptly leave our friends house – stop at the pharmacy on the way home & drop about $200 on treatments. At home, I go into panic mode & strip all the beds – everything washed & bagged & super deep cleaning. By the time I crash into bed – it is nearly 1am… meaning I was up for pretty darn close to 24 hours.

No rest for the weary though – because dose 3 on Sunday is scheduled for 830. So – up again early and back to the hospital. This time - they try for the top of my hand again - but the nurse 'bursts' the vein - and ends up having to place the IV in the crook of my arm (I do not recommend this!). As soon as that’s over, its back home to continue with my mad cleaning. Toys are bagged up – laundry is going – the vacuum is running. Go, go, go, go! Non stop. Re-treat (just to be safe) each of the kids noggins. Take both kids in to have their hair cut (to be safe) and keep trying to get everything done. My husband and my eldest daughter aren't able to check my hair - but my *amazing* friend was willing to take the time to do it for me. I don't know what I would have done without her. So totally shocked at the goodness of people.

Miss work on Monday and Tuesday – because I still haven’t recovered from the solumedrol doses – and on top of that – I have a house to clean! The complex we rent from is doing unit inspections this week too – so it’s a double deep cleaning. We’re not messy people – but with so many bags of toys laying around right now – it looks horrible! *sigh*

Wednesday I make it back to the office for a few hours. Try to get caught up on a few things – but that seems to be a never ending & impossible chore right now. Wednesday night my husband decides to take us all out to dinner – after the extremely stressful few days we’d just survived. I remember thinking when driving home that I was *finally* starting to feel somewhat normal again.

So – today is Thursday. Still not back to 100% - but I’m working on it. Time will only tell.

Oh yeah – did I mention that on Sunday we’re leaving for a weeklong vacation & taking the girls to Disneyland?

Yep – as my little one likes to sing during storms “its raining, its pouring…” here’s hoping I can survive and still have ample energy for next week too.

I’m not gonna stop asking God for a drought though.