05 March 2011

An Open Letter of Apology (and an Update too)

I can’t even pretend at this point that my ‘slippage’ in life hasn’t been noticeable. I’ve seen it myself & it kills me. I’m seeing that I’m not at good at remembering things – my speed in completing tasks is slowing – my multi-tasking abilities are declining, my vision fades in and out when looking at the same thing for too long, and my energy levels seem to be non-existent more frequently.

For all of this – I apologize - to family, friends and coworkers.

It’s apparent that not being on any MS medications since early Summer – and losing my frequent IV solumedrol treatments (as of December) – is catching up with me. I’ve been fighting to begin the oral treatment that was released to the market last fall – and as I’ve updated you before, it appears that I may be in the home stretch of that battle… thankfully – on the winning side too. I still don’t know what my cost will be on any of that – but that’s a discussion for me to take up with San Francisco on another day… (let’s just say that I’ve been given instructions from our WECO benefits department that I’m no longer to call our pharmacy coverage plan. Seems no one can understand why a person would get frustrated when they can’t get a straight answer on their coverage from anyone.)

Here’s where I am as of this precise moment… I completed the appointment at Ophthalmology on Friday – which was the last step before I can be approved for scheduling to start the medication. I’m hoping that by the end of next week I’ll have received a call with instructions on the ‘next step’.

In the mean time, I began a 3 day course of IV Solumedrol (steroid) treatments again Friday afternoon (thus the wee hour posts…). We’re hoping that this burst of steroids will help diffuse the current symptoms I am having and help things ‘fire’ more accurately… until I’m able to start on a MS treatment plan again & get things once again under control.

At this point – I’m an open book – so please don’t hesitate to ask my any questions on anything here. I’d rather give the answers to any questions – than have a thought hanging around that might not be accurate.