04 March 2011

Gotta Get Back on Track

Have you ever had that feeling that something just wasn't right?  I've been having that for a few weeks - but it was that there was something not quite right with me.  Odd sensation to feel yourself slipping away. 

I've seen my multi-tasking abilities go out the window - along with my stamina and ability to get everything done for everyone in a slick minute.  Am I just getting lazy - or is my MS creeping up on me... I have been off treatment for a little over 8 months now.  Maybe it is a little of both.  I'm putting an end to that though.

My vision has been off - my dizzy spells have been odd - my balance is nearly shot. All that - and I'm supposed to be getting ready to take my 4 year old for her Disneyland debut in under 2 weeks! YIKES.  Something has to give.  So - I put a call (well, email actually) into my neurologist - requesting a dose of solumedrol.  She responded so quickly - and I'm scheduled to begin those in just a few hours.  One dose a day for three days.  The only stinker with that is that it means spending a little over an hour in the infusion center every day... and my bodys immediate reaction to solumedrol can be iffy.  There goes my weekend... and unfortunately - my husbands & kids weekend too... I'm hoping I can change that & won't have such a bad reaction to the first dose - but I guess I'll know soon enough.

In the meantime, I've tried to work by butt off at home today. Bed sheets are stripped, laundry has been started, kitchen cleaned, floors & stairs vaccuumed... hopefully that will help ease a bit of the stress for the weekend... In just about an hour I should be meeting with the eye doctor too... the last step before I find out if I'm completely 100% approved to start on the new MS oral medication - Gilenya.  I've resigned myself to the fact that this just might not happen - and if it doesn't - I think I'll be okay with that... doesn't mean I'll be excited about getting stuck with a needle all the time - but one way or another I know my body is telling me it is time to restart treatment again - and the sooner the better for everyone.

Well - there's my rambling post for today... told ya - my brain is a bit scattered lately.  hopefully with this steroid boost, I'll be back to my old self and be ready to conquer whatever lies ahead!