22 March 2011

Okay - so I had to share this one...

I've been pretty vocal about the start of the new medication, Gilenya.  When the doctors office called to schedule the appointment, they wanted to make 100% sure that someone would be with me the *entire* time I was there.  When I asked if it would be okay if someone dropped me off & then came back to pick me up - I was told 'absolutely not'.  I pushed - and asked 'why'?... their response - 'well, if you flat-line, we don't want you to be alone.' 

ahhh... sometimes I really don't think they realize what they are saying!

***for those of you that are concerned right now, please don't be.  I've been on this medication before... actually when I started this blog initially I was preparing to be involved in the medical trial for the medication. I was fine then - and I'll be fine now. :)***