05 March 2011

Pondering Support Groups

I've been contacted and asked to consider help starting a new local MS support group. As I look at the support groups we currently have in this area, the big thing that jumps out at me is that they are lacking a group that will allow a place for the kids to play during the meeting (I know that is the reason I'm not able to attend any of the meetings) - or further - incorporate the entire family into the support process.

As I continue to ponder this request, I'm wondering (and hoping) I can get some feedback from a lot of you.

Here's just a few of the questions I have right now:
  1. Do you actively partipate in a support group (other than the online communities)?
  2. If not - why? Is there a specific reason with the support groups that is the missing link for you?
  3. If you do - what are the high/low points of your group?
  4. How often do you meet? / Do you think that is too much/not enough?

Thank you everyone! I look forward to hearing your feedback.


 Please note - if you're not comfortable with posting publically, please feel free to email me directly... kristie@xoutms.com :)