25 April 2011

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated this thing in a while. Seems life & work have decided to make a short excursion into hyper-drive! Work meetings, kids travelling, Walk MS preparations… yikes!

So much has been going on lately. My kiddos just went to spend a week with my parents in Oregon & had a great time. My youngest (not quite 5) made the trip for the first time… a big change for her – as this was the first time she was away from us for more than a day. She enjoyed time with grammy & poppy – but was ready to come home. My husband and I spent the week much like any other – working late, going to sleep early… learned we’re a pretty pathetic couple when it comes to going-out! By 9pm, we’re exhausted & ready to catch some z’s!

The walk is coming up on Saturday. I’m hoping that I can bank some energy this week & make it through the weekend. Goodness knows that I seem to be running on fumes yesterday & today… praying that isn’t a ‘sign’ that MS is about to rear its ugly head once again.

I’ve been on Gilenya now for nearly 4 weeks. I have my follow up appointments scheduled for next week – though I may call the ophthalmologist & see if I can’t get in a bit early. My eyes have been killing me… hoping that means just a simple prescription change & not a bout of optic neuritis – as that would mean that I cannot continue on this medication… and that would be bad news.

Good news however is that the Folsom CA Walk MS event has surpassed its fundraising goal! That doesn't mean though that raising even more funds isn't important! So much research still needs to be done - and so many people still need vital help that the NMSS provides. You can even Donate by CC online. Every dollar makes a difference!