26 April 2011

What do you see when you look at the people around you? Or – maybe the question is better worded – what do you think when you hear someone’s name mentioned?

For example – when someone says Brett Favre – for 99% of people the thought that immediately comes to mind is football. I don’t see an image of the man anywhere other than on the football field – but surely there is so much more to him than that.

The same things can be said for people we see or talk to every day – whether online or in person. What do people see/think when they hear my name – or see my face?

I was ‘gifted’ a collapsible cane by someone I love dearly recently. I totally froze when it was handed to me. I know it was given out of the most sincere thought & with much love – but I have to say – that it has been bothering me… It really brought up a thought – I’ve been so totally open & honest about my life with MS… has that been a mistake? Does being so completely honest make others see MS before they see me? This is a thought I’m struggling with.

When someone thinks of me, I don’t know that I want ‘MS’ to be what first comes into their mind.

However - with that said, that doesn't mean that I will stop trying to raise awareness - or that I will stop doing what I can to help fundraise for research - or that I will stop fighting this war.