17 February 2009

MRIs... Yuck!

I got a few emails from individuals - wanting to know what happens next! I'm sorry that I haven't updated this in a few days...

Well... here's the update: There's not a whole lot to update you on right now. ;)

I still haven't received the results on the lab work. I think the neurologists office might be waiting for the MRI results to come in. I don't think I mentioned that in my last posting... Since my last brain scan MRI was greatly improved (yep, yet more physical evidence that I do have a brain!), the neurologist sent me in for a Thoracic Spine MRI.

Did you know that in addition to lesions on the brain, MS patients can also develop lesions on the Spinal Column??? I didn't! I still have a LOT to learn about this disease.

Have you ever experienced a MRI? I equate it to being buried alive under a construction site. The noise is nearly unbearable & the task of being completely still for more than an hour is near impossible for me. I've been through quite a few brain MRIs, the latest one just last month... at least with those I was able to move my legs a bit when they got restless. With the T-Spine MRI, I was told to remain completely still... no deep breathing (which is my relaxation technique - yikes!)... no sneezing, coughing, etc...

Since I have been through quite a few of the brain MRIs, I've learned that what works for me is not the norm for most patients. Generally the technician will take breaks between the scan segments and talk to the patient. This technique is just not for me.

I don't want anyone to talk to me, I don't want the breaks between segments... Just hit the "go" button & get it over with! Unfortunately for me, the technician today didn't quite understand that message! In fact, I think he thought I was joking!

I had to tell him multiple times from inside that crazy machine to stop taking the breaks and just get the thing over with. I don't think it was until I told him quite sternly to either listen to me - the patient - because I know what works best for me - and get the scan over with in one shot - or find another technician that could do what I was asking for. I tried my best to stay still & remain calm in that machine for as long as I could - but when a 45 minute scan session ended up taking almost 90 minutes I was about to blow a gasket!

I have to say - having this disease and having to deal with these types of situations have really helped me be more assertive! I'm not entirely sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing!

More to come soon!