02 March 2009

Back at it again...

Well - I'm not sure if a person would say that I've been avoiding updating the blog... but if I were to be honest - that is exactly what I've been doing... in a previous post, I made mention of the doctors orders for IV Steroid treatment... and my disdain/attempted refusal. I think that in some small way, I knew that if I actually put the fact that I had lost my fight against steroids - it would mean that I had accepted that this was going to happen. However - as I click away on the keyboard right now, I am sitting in the infusion center at the hospital in Roseville.

I fought having to return for another steroid treatment - as long and as hard as I could. I did nearly all the other lab work and testing possible - with the hopes that I could avoid having to face the reality that my current issues are actually the ugly head of MS raising up again.

Do you know how sometimes when you feel a cold coming on... you do everything in your power to deny its existence... sometimes it works - and sometimes it doesn't. Unfortunately, my stubborn denial didn't make this issue disappear this time.

So - here I sit. The IV is in... the drugs are dripping... and I'm doing my very best to keep a positive attitude.

All the while - this reminds me exactly why I signed up for the MS Walk. To take some active part in fighting back against this stupid disease! Thank you very much to everyone that has donated thus far. I've actually met & exceeded my initial fundraising goal of $500! So - with over a month left to go, I've raised my goal to $1,000. Please - join me in fighting back.

Time to get the IV checked again... until next time...