27 March 2009


No – I’m not talking about the style of clothing our soldiers wear – I’m talking about being just plain worn out! One of the unpleasant symptoms of MS is fatigue. Not the “I’ve worked my butt off in the yard all day” – but the kind of fatigue where even your brain feels worn out.

Ugh. Try explaining that to two young kids! It’s hard when people just assume you’re lazy – or that you just don’t care about what’s going on.

Well – I had an appointment with my neurologist on Wednesday and she gave me some samples of a medication called ProVigil that is approved and supposed to help MS patients with fatigue symptoms. Yesterday I decided to take just a ½ dose. Wow – that stuff just knocked me on my butt! I think it had the exact opposite effect than intended. I was just sorta out of it for a majority of the day after that.

To be fair, I can’t say 100% that it was the medication that caused me to feel so icky yesterday – but taking that ½ pill was the only thing I did differently yesterday morning. Maybe I’ll just up my coffee/caffeine intake next time. Not only will it taste better, but I don’t think I’ll get so strung out either! :)