25 March 2009

Strive to be a Lab Rat?

I have never known anyone to say that they have an immediate/near future goal of becoming a lab rat... have you? Okay, well if you're reading this, then I guess you can say that you have now because that's my immediate/near future goal.

I spoke with the UCDavis Neurology Department about some of their current trials. (Read the post from March 20th.) There is one that I may be eligible for. Here's the kicker though...

This trial has a possible 4 treatment plans the patient can be put on. Three are pills - high dose, low dose, and no dose. The fourth option is Copaxone... that would mean one shot in the arm/leg/stomach (etc) every day. (Ugh.... can you hear me groan over the internet?) That means I would have a one in four chance of being stuck on the injectible drug... but on the bright side there is a three in four chance that I would receive the oral medication.

Why would I try for that? Hmm... let's see... all medications would be paid in full... all medical visits would be paid in full... My MS would be more closely monitored than in traditional treatment environments... We'd be one step closer to having a treatment available to the market that did not require injections or infusion therapies... Hey - did I say it was paid in full? :) I can't tell you how huge that is.

I passed the pre-screen. The study coordinator is sending me a packet to take a look at. If it appears that they will accept me into the study, I would have to go off the Avonex for two months before my first visit. That part of it may be a small crap shoot - but do you really think I'm going to complain about not being stuck in the arm with a needle every Saturday morning for a few months? :)

I'll let you know if it looks like I'm reaching my "Lab Rat" goal!

Until next time,