19 March 2009

Crying Over Spilled Beans?

They say “don’t cry over spilled milk”… but what about spilled beans?

A little over a week ago we were sitting down for dinner. I was walking around the table with one of those Pyrex bowls in my left-hand – serving black beans to my girls to go along with our dinner. One muscle spasm later, the bowl shatters on the floor & beans go everywhere.

I’m sure you can imagine the chaos that followed… especially with two young children at the table. Randy’s telling the kids to stay in their chairs, Heaven (my 2 year old) is asking why mommy made a big mess, and Jessica (my 9 year old) is saying she can’t believe her mom is so clumsy. Well, the beans & the glass got cleaned up and we all sat back down at the table to eat the remains of our now cold dinner. My eyes welled up with tears and seeing that, my daughter says “It’s just beans mom.”

Okay… maybe it wasn’t the 89 cent can of black beans I cried over – or the now shattered bowl that used to belong to my grandmother.

I think it was more because for that one instant, MS had an effect on something tangible – and had I been one step closer to my child as I was serving those beans for dinner, those hot beans would have been all over her, meaning my MS would then have physically hurt someone I love dearly.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve dropped something, broken something, or even fallen because of a muscle spasm and I’m quite sure it won’t be the last. So – on a lighter note – not only does it give me an excuse to have Randy pull all the heavy pans off the stove or out of the oven, but now I can go guilt-free shopping for some new serving bowls (obviously plastic & shatter resistant)! Seriously though, it reminds me of exactly why I am working for awareness and trying to raise funds for the MS Walk this year.

Please join me in raising funds for the research in not only the cause of MS – but the cure.

Until next time,