04 March 2009

Day Three

Here I sit - back in the infusion center for treatment day #3.

You don't know how glad I am that the clock is ticking in my favor today... As I type, there is just a little over an hour left to go - and today they take this IV out - - - hopefully for good!

I know that receiving these treatments aren't designed to be a walk in the park - but my goodness - I sure wish it wasn't as icky as it has been.

With every pump of the machine, the burning begins... just as the burning begins to subside, the machine pumps another dose into my arm - and the burning begins all over again. Yep - just over an hour to go.

I do have to admit though - this time around has been much better than my experience just under two years ago. That time I was so nauseous that the idea of eating anything wasn't a pleasant one. At least this time, I've only gotten sick twice on the first day. Day two, I opted for no breakfast before starting the treatment and I was fine. I think I should have opted for that again today!

I do think that I will be able to return to work tomorrow... maybe not for a full day - but I'll do my best! I think I just might go nuts if I'm stuck at home for much longer... I am just not cut out to be a stay at home wife / mom. There is a lot to do at home though... hopefully I'll be able to play a little bit of catch up this afternoon... One of the nurses here said to be sure not to 'over-do-it' when I go home - but I really think I feel better if I keep moving. The more I just sit - the more I start to feel ill. Just like the weekly injections I get - if I keep moving around after I've received the shot, I don't feel quite as bad as when I go straight to bed... when I do that, I end up being very very tired and sore.

Well - I am going to log off of here for now... try to work on a bit of work work and maybe some school work too...

Until next time...