20 March 2009

MS Support Group Experience

Last night was great!

My husband and I visited a MS Support Group in Roseville for the first time. We went back and forth a little bit about whether or not to go… especially since we knew we weren’t going to make it there on time. When we finally found the meeting room, we were almost ½ hour late – and had to take one of the few empty seats remaining.

The speaker last night was a neurologist with the UC Davis Neurology department – where I was enrolled for a medical trial a few years ago. (If you read the older posts, you’ll see a little more on that.) Well – it looks like they are enrolling for a number of new trials – and they recognized/remembered me, so hopefully that will spell good news to my return to the medical trials! There was a lot of great information floating around the meeting last night. Both Randy and I agree that we will likely be back again – and now that we know where it is, next time we’ll be on time!

So, keep your fingers crossed… I just may become a lab-rat once again!