22 October 2010

Exhausted. Jumbled.

What a jumbled week this seems to have been... It has flown by so quickly - yet Monday seems like a really - really long time ago!  So - I thought I'd recap a bit here & maybe I can figure out where I got mixed up...

Monday -
I worked in the morning - met Erin (my friend that works for NMSS here in Sacramento) for lunch - then headed to the Sutter Roseville hospital for my steroid infusion (that makes me feel like crap). Hurried home after that to meet with two physical therapy students from Sac State for their 'in-home' visit & showed them how I move around in the apartment... after that - tried to prep dinner while my husband was at Karate with the girls - only to find out that our chest freezer was turned off(!) so I had to empty it out & try to save and cook as much from it as I could (let's see - 4 boxes of taquitos & 2 boxes of popcorn shrimp, two whole chickens, breakfast sausage, smoked sausage links, etc.).  exhausted. *sigh* did I say steroids make me feel like crap?

Tuesday -
still reeling from the steroids but back at the office dark & early. Worked all day preparing for meetings & events taking place the next day. Lots of computer reporting, emailing, phone calling, etc... then met with two wonderful ladies for an after work planning session organizing the Folsom Walk MS event taking place in April. Home late but in time to tuck my kiddos into bed & exhausted crash into bed myself.

Wednesday -
day one of the meetings... in the office making last minute adjustments to presentations, plus printing reports and handouts. Then it was off to the hotel/meeting site for setup & meeting kickoff.  Work from the hotel lobby while waiting for the caterer to set up & squeezing in the last minute guys that didn't initially reply about staying the night at the hotel. Took a lunch break to meet with a friend that is moving away (sad). Touched base with the restaurant and transportation company regarding their dinner that night & tried to get home at a decent time. Visited in the evening with our friend again and along with the rest of my family said our goodbyes. exhausted.

Thursday -
back & forth from the office to the hotel in the morning for the last portion of the meetings... had to meet with another trainer to finalize more meeting arrangements for next week. Ended up running late & had to get my oldest daughter dropped off at karate - then hi-tail it to the preschool to pick up the little one & get her back to the dojo for karate class on time too.  Finally home about 5:30 & exhausted...

Friday -
today - drop little one at preschool & in to the office before 7.  One meeting outside of the office this morning & then back to the grind prepping for next weeks meeting.  Still have to make it through the day & figure out what to make for dinner.  still exhausted.

My brain is a jumbled mess & I'm having troubles focusing on one thing for very long - in fact - I'm surprised I got this written!  So - before my jumbled brain starts to hurt, I'll sign off... with two words which seem to sum up my entire week thus far: