13 October 2010

Spin Me Right Round...

You spin me right round, baby, right round -
            like a record baby, right round round round.
You spin me right round, baby, right round -
                          like a record baby, right round round round.

In the 80s - Dead or Alive lit up the radio with that song. Last night I think I lit up the other diners at a local BBQ joint with my 'literal translation.'

I'll explain...

I was completely fine all day. Ate breakfast & lunch - worked all day - picked my kids up & took them to their martial arts class... a normal day. Sitting at the table at a local BBQ joint - because I forgot to start the crockpot that morning - I was joking around with my family & munching on my daughters french fries while I waited for my food to arrive.

Out of the blue - the entire resturaunt start spinning & I couldn't even sit up straight. If my husband wasn't sitting next to me - I'm sure I would have crashed onto the floor - because I sure crashed into him with considerable force. My hands couldn't find the edge/corner of the table to hole myself steady & my mouth couldn't find the straw of the cup right in front of me. Darkness started to creep in on the edges of my vision & I instantly started sweating along with waves of nausea that rolled over me stronger than I've ever experienced before. My head went down on the table & I tried to will myself to balance.

It took about 20 minutes (although it seemed like hours) before the world stopped spinning. My kids were freaked out & my husband had stress written all over his face. Then the waves of guilt began. I looked around & realized how many people were staring & how uncomfortable this whole 'spinning ride' had created. Ugh.

The worst part - I still had to drive home! My husband and I had met up at the dojo after he got off work - so we had two cars out. I made both my kids ride in the truck with him & he followed me home. I don't remember the drive - but I know that I'm here now & the car is in one piece - so it must have been okay.

I've never experienced anything like that before - and hope I never do again.

Today - well I'm moving a bit slower. My foot drop is back, my head throbs and twinges of dizziness still linger. I'm determined to make it through the day though. I have too much on my plate to creep out too early... not to mention a boss that is returning to town this afternoon after being gone for nearly 2 weeks. So - I'll do my best to make it through today & keep my fingers crossed that my world stops spinning once again.