02 June 2009

Next Trial Appointment

Tomorrow I play the Guinea Pig role once again... but it shouldn't be too bad. I have a MRI scheduled at the University in the morning, followed by a round of MSFC testing...

The MSFC testing is composed of a few things:
  • two short 'timed' walks (I guess its just to make sure I can walk unassisted without completely tripping over myself).
  • a peg board test... a series of 9 holes and 9 pegs. I have to pick up the pegs one-by-one and insert them into one of the holes - and then remove them all one-by-one... first with the left hand only twice, and then with the right hand only twice.
  • a vision test... this one is a little weird.. the first screen is at 100% with bold black type. The second screen is at 50% with much lighter type. The final screen is at 20% I think - man that one is really hard! The type appears as barely a shadow on the page... (even my husband that doesn't have MS has a hard time seeing that one... he blames it on glare... :) )
  • The last part is my least favorite part... it is a type of mental math test. a voice on the machine says a different number every 3 seconds... I have to add the last two numbers the voice said together... so for example, the numbers said could be "1"...(3 second pause)... "8"...(3 second pause & I have to answer '9')... "4" ... (3 second pause & I have to answer '12')... See what I mean... after 5 minutes of that a person just goes loopy!

Well - wish me luck... almost an hour in that MRI machine can drive me crazy - it is very very hard for me to hold my body still for that long! Hopefully I have a great tech that will actually listen to me & how I function best during those exams... if not - it could be a very very long day! My husband is going with me tomorrow - so at least I won't be alone. I'm so very lucky to have a guy as great as he!