18 June 2009


I know that sometimes you can sleep wrong - and wake up with a numb arm / hand, leg, etc...

Well - I woke up this morning with my right arm numb/asleep from the elbow down through my fingers... mainly on just the outside... meaning that the inside of the arm from the crook of the elbow through my thumb seems fine... but I can't feel the other four fingers, and most of the hand... very weird...

I thought it would go away after a while - but here I am almost 10 hours later and it is still 'sleeping soundly' if you know what I mean... COME ON!!! WAKE UP ALREADY!

So far today I've managed to drop two cups of coffee, scattered a pile of mail in the hallway that I was trying to carry & sort at the same time, and learned that - while possible - it is extremely difficult to button a pair of jeans with my left hand! UGH!!!

Now I wonder at what point does something like this become an issue that might be considered a 'slight relapse' or 'symptom'? Already living life with a major loss of sensation on the entire left side of my body... I'm not sure I could handle it on both sides!