11 June 2009

UC Davis Trial UPDATE

I received a call from the University end of last week - stating that they wanted me to come in early and start on the medication for the trial. So - Monday night was a sleepless night - tossing and turning - fighting back the anxiety of Tuesday's dosing day at the University... Tuesday would be the day that I would find out what medication I had been assigned to for the trial. Tuesday would be the day I would find out if I would be faced with daily injections for the next two years - or be assigned one of the oral treatment options.

Randy, thankfully, took the day to come with me so I wouldn't be alone. I went through all the testing once again & then the coordinator left the room to call in to find out what medication I would be assigned... as she left - I jokingly told her not to come back if there were needles involved with her return!

About 15 minutes later, she returned - and to my delight - it was with news that I had been assigned to one of the oral options. (YEAH!!!)